Petro Express

Tank Wagon Delivery

Metered delivery vehicles capable of up to a 6,500 gallon single load delivery.

Transport Delivery

Higher single-load capacity of up to 8,500 gallons which is more cost-effective for deliveries over 6,500 gallons.

Unique Services

Specialty deliveries - such as non-petroleum product deliveries and 24 hour turnaround on paperwork and billing distribution.

Welcome to Petro Express

Since January 1989, Petro Express Company, Inc. has been providing contract or common carrier petroleum delivery services for both Transport and Tank Wagon deliveries. We maintain the highest quality load and delivery practices to maintain high safety standards and pride ourselves in meeting our customer's needs - even when they require 'out-of-ordinary' services.

Delivering Central East Coast Petroleum

Petro Express performs bulk liquid product pick up and delivery for gasoline and distillate products all across the Central East Coast- including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, PA, and DE.